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Dawn has written for a range of publications including the Guardian, Telegraph, The Garden and Junior, always addressing her favourite subjects - garden design and children's gardening.

She also writes scripts for Dobbies' Little Seedlings Club - a free-to-join gardening club where youngsters aged between 4–10, learn about plants, wildlife and the environment. The Little Seedlings Club has more than 15,000 annual attendees and meets on the first Sunday of every month in every Dobbies Garden Centre throughout the UK. In her scripts Dawn has covered a range of topics including pollination, apples, bees, herbs, pond life, bats, greenhouse growing, seeds, bulbs and hedgehogs!

Garden Answers - Design Solutions: Dog friendly garden (Dec 2016)

"Even since Pluto dup up Mickey Mouse’s backyard to bury his bone, dogs have made gardeners nervous, but thankfully things are beginning to change. The Dog's Trust was awarded a Gold medal for its dog-friendly show garden at Hampton Court this year. The garden showed how an outdoor space can be a place for man's best friend to enjoy and yet remain a beautiful retreat for its owner too. Admittedly, dogs still aren't allowed at the show itself, but it's a move in the right direction!

"There has also been a trend in recent years to develop therapeutic gardens for dogs, with Mayhew Animal Home and Bath Cats and Dogs Home both creating spaces specifically to combat dog stress. Of course, even the happiest dogs need somewhere to relax, breathe fresh air and enjoy a little one-on-one exercise... Here's our design solution."

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Garden Answers - Design Solutions: Triangular Plot (Oct 2016)

"No disrespect to Pythagoras or Toblerone, but I'm not enamoured by triangles - or at least the ones that show up in garden form. They naturally drag the eye to the narrow end of the plot where everything seems to get small and tight. It can feel as though you are Alice in Wonderland swigging from that pesky 'Drink Me' bottle. But it is possible to deal with triangles - and indeed most awkward shapes - with the triple-d tactics of denial, disguise and distraction. You can pretend the triangle never existed by designing using any shape but this one, then disguise the tell tale signs at the boundary and finally distract the eye along the way as much as possible. Before you know it the question will be, 'Triangle? What triangle?'"

Garden Answers - Design Solutions: Wildlife Friendly (Sept 2016)

"Whenever we fall behind with outdoor maintenance, wildlife gardening is a great excuse. “You don’t want to be too tidy – it’s not wildlife friendly!” is a handy phrase to trot out when the grass hasn’t been mown, the weeds run rampant or the compost heap lies unturned. But there’s no reason why a garden can’t be elegant, beautiful and tamed as well as being a home and haven to a huge range of creatures, it just takes a little thought."

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Garden Answers - Design Solutions: Shady Garden (July 2016)

"Shady gardens don't have a great reputation. All too often they come across as dark, dank and uninviting – not exactly three words to set your horticultural pulse racing. The good news is a shady space can quite easily be turned into a welcoming oasis with some careful design choices and a bit of smart planting."

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Telegraph - Burst the boredom bubble (17th June 2014)

Article on 101 Things for Kids to do Outside in the Telegraph.

"'I’m booo-oored. There’s nothing to do.” How often have we heard that plaintive cry, echoing through the house on the second day of the school holidays?

In my recent book 101 Things for Kids to Do Outside, I address the problem head on. I could tell you that my family begins every day with a trek through the woods and ends it by singing songs round a campfire. I could tell you that but it would be a Big Fat Lie.
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Much more down to earth, this book is for the vast majority of couch potato children (and parents) who need an incentive to venture outside and breathe in huge lungfuls of healthy fresh air."

Read the full article here.

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