How to keep shaded with style in your garden.

“Nothing beats the dappled shade of a gnarled old tree, but what if you can’t wait a decade or two for some shelter? To really enjoy your garden you need practical shade solutions, whether it’s a DIY pergola or the modern sloping lines of a sail.

“Pergolas are the classic shade solution but it’s vital to get their proportions right. The basic minimum height is 2.2m. However, if you’re growing plants along the horizontals, allow an extra 30-60cm unless you want a head full of stems.

“Hardwoods such as oak or iroko are the most durable, although pressure-treated softwoods are easier on the wallet and you can extend their life by placing posts in galvanised steel “shoes” before setting them in concrete foundations. One of the best-value (and simplest) DIY products is the 2.8m x 3.6m Ultima Pergola kit, £339.95, from For much pricier bespoke options, take a look at The Garden Trellis Company.”

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