The idea of separate garden ‘rooms’ for dining, play and storage may seem an anathema in a small plot, but that’s where semi-transparent screening comes into its own.

“Gardens are getting smaller, yet we ask them to fulfil more functions than ever – playroom, dining area, storeroom, retreat – as if they were some sort of horticultural Swiss army knife. In the generous spaces of yesteryear, we’d have answered those needs by creating “garden rooms” with stately walls of clipped yew. Sadly, today’s average backyard can accommodate fewer “rooms” than a studio flat. So how can we divide our outside space without feeling boxed in?

“One trick is to ensure you still see the full extent of your garden by using semi-transparent screening. Trellis is perfect for this kind of subtle and seductive division, akin to gazing at plants through wooden fishnets. There is a huge variety of patterns and shapes, from bespoke (try the Garden Trellis Company; from £117.50) to off-the-shelf panels with built-in portholes for framing views (check out Porthole Badminton Trellis, £60, from Garden Fencing.”

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