Dawn Isaac in the news

Countryside - Gardening is Child's Play (July 2015)

Article by Nicola Stocken on children's gardening in Countryside magazine 

House Beautiful - Space to Grow (June 2015)

Four-page profile on Dawn's Cambridgeshire family garden in House Beautiful's June 2015 issue, written and photographed by Nicola Stocken.

Telegraph - Easter holidays: 101 things for kids to do outside. Yes really (14th April 2014)

Review of 101 Things For Kids To Do OUtside by Beverley Turner for Telegraph online.

"Dawn Isaac, author of 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside correctly identified me as a harassed mother-of-three starring down the barrel of a four (yes, FOUR) week Easter holiday and duly popped a copy of her book in the post. I immediately rolled my eyes upon receiving it. ‘Who needs a book to tell them what to do with their kids outside? Is there a version on things to do kids inside that will stop them bashing each other over the head with remote controls,’ I wondered.

But as a strict enforcer of limited screen-time and a child of the 1970s who would leave the house on roller boots at 9am and return at 5pm, I nonchalantly flicked through the pages and found myself – and I rarely use this word – inspired."

Read the full article here.

Amateur Gardening - Me and my family garden (22nd November 2014)

Five-page profile of Dawn and the garden she has created for her own family in Amateur Gardening magazine.

Mirror - Get your garden ready for little green fingers this summer (20th June 2012)

Article featuring three projects from Garden Crafts for Children published in the Mirror.co.uk: scented hopscotch, hula-hoop cloche and sunflower den. 

"Scented hopscotch
A path is not only an invitation to walk around a garden, it can also be used as a race track or bicycle route and, with a bit of creativity, even double up as this fun game of scented hopscotch. The gaps between the numbered slabs are filled with ground-hugging thyme, which doesn’t mind being trodden on. Tempers will be kept sweet, too, as thyme’s fragrance has a calming effect and you can even rub the plant on grazed knees to help relieve pain."

Read the full article here.

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